Many people dread facing the world on Monday mornings. How do you start the work week? Do you spend Sunday night moaning about the coming morning? If you absolutely hate Mondays, consider these ideas to help you better embrace the day!

  1. Before you leave the office Friday, briefly list your open projects/initiatives from the week. Then, outline the top five things you will need to accomplish the following week focusing on your top two for Monday. I’ve been there, and I know how much we can forget over the weekend. So writing it down while it’s still top of mind is very helpful. You show up on Monday with a plan. Aaahhh!
  2. Identify the time you are most productive, and do your critical thinking for projects when it’s best for you. If you’re an early bird, block the morning to address your key strategic initiatives. On the other hand, if you know you operate better after you’ve had some time to adjust, save the heavy thinking for later in the day.
  3. Keep your sleep routine on weekends. Significant changes in your sleep schedule by staying up extremely late and/or waking up at noon makes it hard for your body to adapt Monday morning!
  4. Make Sunday night count. Set yourself up for success by choosing an outfit, preparing lunch and gathering any documents you may need for the week. If your morning routine includes a workout, have your exercise clothes out and ready to go!
  5. Allow time for breakfast if eating is part of your normal morning routine. You’ll have more energy if you eat a nutritious breakfast. Grab a balanced, portable meal to stay on schedule and get the fuel you need. My favorite is chicken apple sausage and blueberries!
  6. Be intentional. Focus on what you enjoy about your position and the people you work with. Seek more of what brings you joy throughout the day. If it is difficult finding joy in your work, consider discussing your career goals with a coach so you can wake up with a clear and exciting purpose on Monday!  

You can LOVE Monday mornings again. I welcome your thoughts and would love to hear from you on these ideas.

Here’s to your professional success!