Do you love Mondays?


Does WORK feel like a big ol’, UGLY four-letter word? We SEE you rollin’ your eyes! If you know what we mean, then you’ve safely landed in the right place.

If you feel stranded professionally like you’re in the middle of the super hot Mojave desert with a medicine dropper half full of water and just about ready to explore some rather unusual options to quench your thirst, just stop!

…or maybe you have a favorite tune that helps you master the Sunday night blues like the best jazz musician. Perhaps you and your alarm clock exchange a few words when it goes off Monday morning after a few rounds of hitting the snooze button. You somehow manage to slowly pull yourself out of bed, tackle the vicious morning breath, make yourself look presentable only to hop in the car and blow your horn in the traffic nest on the interstate. The entire trip is full of expletives and dreams of how you’ll live happily ever after…once you win the lottery. But then, you come back to reality, pull into the parking lot at your lovely J.O.B., apply an obviously fake smile and roll inside to start another day. Is this your routine? If so, we need to talk!

Maybe you’ve never considered working with a career strategist. Maybe you think it’s admitting defeat. Maybe you hope to fix everything on your own. Maybe you will, but maybe not.

What WE do here is take you from STRANDED to LANDED so you can look forward to living out your purpose and enjoying your work in the world.

We have found the most common challenges for many individuals in career transition fall into one of three categories:

  1. You strongly desire to switch gears and move into a new industry, but you need support to make progress.
  2. You have absolutely no idea what you’d like to do next, but you know this current role is not working for you.
  3. You have been applying for opportunities, but you have received limited to no response from your efforts.


Here is how we can support you:

90-Minute experience delivered via video with an accompanying workbook that answers 3 things:

  1. What do I value?
  2. What energizes me, and what do I well?
  3. What do I want to do right now?

Complete this self-paced course to get clear on your next career decision.

The only course you need to access the hidden job market and land your dream opportunity.

  1. Complete Skills Assessment — Understand The Gap
  2. Leverage Relationships and Network — Uncover The Hidden Opportunities
  3. Prepare Your Marketing Materials — Develop Your Resume and LinkedIn Profile
  4. Nail The Interview — Refine Strategies for Selling Your Story

5. Negotiate The Offer — Get What You Deserve

Comprehensive, personalized experience working directly with Chief Career Strategist, Inga, for a FULL DAY in one of three areas:

  1. Dream Job Search — Proactive, personalized approach to identify opportunities and develop a professional marketing strategy that leads to the perfect opportunity.
  2. Career Management Intensive — Engaged approach to position you for success in your current environment or with your current employer.
  3. Career Transition Intensive — Structured approach to successfully navigate a major change or career shift.

Each option includes the following:

  1. Comprehensive Intake Session (1-hour)
  2. Formal Assessments and Exercises to Prepare For The Full-Day Intensive
  3. Full Day Intensive (6-hours)
  • Interpretation of Results from assessments and exercises. (1-hour)
  • Establishment of short-term and long-term goals. (1-hour)
  • Plan development for skills gaps vs. goals. (30-minutes)
  • Build career brand. (1-hour)
  • Critique of current marketing elements against your career brand (Resume and LinkedIn Profile)  (30-minutes)
  • Custom strategy development for next career position. (Search, Transition or Management) (1-hour)
  • Interview preparation (30-minutes)
  • Wrap Up and Next Steps (30-minutes)
  1. Writing Services Following The Intensive (1-hour)

If you are interested in a full day VIP career intensive to map out your specific strategy, schedule your career clarity call by clicking down below.